Locked-up Agents: In the virologist´s laboratory


For the first time ever:

An Escape-Room adventure to print at home

Transform your home into an Escape-Room

This 24-page PDF document contains everything you need to turn your own four walls into an escape room: the mission, agent IDs, puzzles and lots of signs and props. After 30 minutes of preparation by the game master, the lockdown agents have 90 minutes to solve the case – across the apartment. The game master is part of the team – hardly any riddles are revealed during construction.

And now: have a good escape!

Fun for up to 6 players from age 8 to 99

Das Abenteuer und die Rätsel sind komplett auf Englisch. Geeignet erst ab Klasse 8 oder für Muttersprachler. Nicht geeignet zum Englisch Lernen für Klassen 1-7.

After paying you can download the adventure 3 times within 10 days.

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You´re with the best of the best, the Locked-up Agents. Your speciality: Break into dangerous rooms, solve mysteries and come back. Preferably alive.

Your latest mission:

The brilliant scientist Doctor Dan Gerous stirred together a super-medicine in his hidden laboratory. This antidode makes immune against any virus in the world. But Dan Gerous is not only a brilliant – but also a mad – mind. He loves mysteries more than anything. So he hid the medicine in his secret laboratory. Only one who solves 12 riddles will find it – a perfect case for the Locked-up Agents!

Now have fun – and a good escape…


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